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Dell Error Code 2000-0142

If this isn’t the specific Dell error code you’re looking for, here’s a link to the Dell ‘Beep Codes and PSA Diagnostic Chart’ LINK.

Oh oh… got the dreaded Blue Screen of Death and Dell’s infamous “Code 2000-0142” on my Dell Studio 17 Laptop. Diagnostics says my hard-drive has failed. The message is something like “harddrive 0 – self test unsuccessful = status 79″ UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME”. Instead of automatically replacing the HD, I Googled the error message and found this (below) at www.pcguide.com  (here’s the original thread)

This is what I did after piecing together snippets of info from multiple websites and hours of frustration. Insert your OS disk into your cd/dvd drive As the machine boots up – it should have an option to hit F2 or F12 Hit the F12 key This will give you the option of where to boot your machine from. Select boot from CD/DVD drive For me windows loaded some files and gave me an option to either install windows or repair. I selected repair I was then asked for the admin password — typed it in. It brings you to a command prompt : Type in CHKDSK or Type in CHKDSK/R Hit the ENTER key Once your machine has finished and repairing the hard drive, type EXIT and press ENTER to restart your laptop.

I have also found another command that could be tried if the above fails. Bear in mind, i didnt have to do it, but will post it here anyway.

After the command prompt – type in FIXBOOT

According to the DELL website the error code 2000-0142 is a Drive Self Test failed error code.

Update… October 20, 2012 Didn’t work for me. I couldn’t get to a command prompt to use CHKDSK. My machine kept hanging while booting and never made it to C. Note: bios was showing my HD so maybe my problem is elsewhere. Time to go to a pro… I’ll leave this posted just incase it does work for someone.

Here are my attempt routines. 1st. Power on. Laucnh windows 7. BS. “unmountable boot volume..” then BS goes way quickly and computer does re-start. 2nd. Power on, Launch start up repair, Default blue desktop wall paper loads (no icons), then nothing. Just hangs there. (Next message…coming) 3rd. Power on. f12. diagnostics. “error code 0142”. HD self test unsuccessful status:79 fyi -Can not get to a command line to run chkdsk -Bios does show HD is present..

Update… October 23, 2012 Techs removed the HD and found no sign of life. They replaced the drive and reinstalled the OS and the Dell is now running fine (fingers crossed). Though it didn’t work for me, let me know if this procedure works for you. tweet @bennydesk

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Signs you have given up on keeping up with technology

60% of people say they’ve given up on trying to keep up with technology. Mike’s top five signs you have given up on keeping up with technology.

#5. Your camera, your camcorder and your phone are three separate devices.

#4. You can never find a pay phone anywhere.

#3. You’re keeping your rabbit ears, just in case…

#2. You’re listening to this broadcast on a device that could loose it’s signal if someone opens the garage door or uses the microwave.

#1. You’re the guy in those CNC commercials talking about your One-pad.

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