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If you are AB46 and there’s no CIR, check out this list of acronyms for moms who text

original_Woman_Texting_The_Mom_Initiative1Why do kids get to have all the fun with their own text speak?

If you are AB46, like me and there’s no CIR, check out this list of acronyms for moms who text — from Denise Stirk’s article on PopSugar.com (Complete article here).

AB46 — Awake before 6
ARS — Acid reflux sucks
BITO — Bun in the oven
CIR — Child in room
CIMC — Crying in my coffee
CS — Colic sucks
CTNM — Child texted, not me
HOOT — Husband out of town
IIBY — Is it bedtime yet?
INAN — I need a nap
MTCS — Make the crying stop
MBAL — My boobs are leaking
NMC — Need more coffee
PE — Poop everywhere
POTFA — Pee on the floor again
PTS — Potty training sucks
SN — Still napping
SOAL! — Stepped on a lego!
TMI — Too many interruptions

There are more here…


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Top five ways to avoid distractions while driving

There is a town in Illinois that is now looking at banning eating or drinking while driving. Texting or talking on the phone while driving is already illegal. Whether it’s eating or texting, driving while distracted is bad. Mike’s top five ways to avoid distractions while driving.

#5. Try not to read each election sign completely, just know it’s something like “Elect me, yada yada yada. I’m the best, the other guy is bad. Yada, yada, yada.”.

#4. Auto forward all cell phone calls to your Twitter feed and then have the radio DJ read it on-air as your driving.

#3. Ask everyone else in the car to remain in a locked up-right position until the vehicle had come to complete stop in front of the terminal building.

#2. If you hear your name called on the Jamaica contest, remember 101 seconds is more than enough time to safely pull over to the side of the road, but just in case it isn’t, maybe just drive to work on the shoulder of the road during peak hours.

#1. To help you ignore the phone, set your ring tone to sound like someone giving you directions.

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The Canadian OUR

So, yesterday in New York they held the World Mobile Championships to find the fastest texter. People from 13 countries took part but no one from Canada. My guess, we kept getting disqualified by the American Judges for putting that extra u in all our words.

Have you ever wondered about the extra U we have in our spellings?











So, why the U? Some British scholars back in the 16th century established a rule that ‘OR’ should be used for words derived from Latin origins, while ‘OUR’ should be used for French derivations. Most of our words come from the French language not Latin.

Why no OUR in the US? In the early 1800`s in the United States, Noah Webster ‘Americanized’ or simplified the spelling of many of these words. Why? To give them the edge at the World Texting Championships 200 years down the road? Maybe or maybe not. Or should I say ‘Maybe or maybe nout.’

Okay.. now lets look at the misplaced e, eh!?


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