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Impossible Questions for November 2017

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: According to research, 17% of us just finished doing this. ANSWER: Sleeping naked [source]. The majority (52 percent) of Americans sleep “partially clothed” and 31 percent sleep “fully clothed.” … 17 percent of Americans who sleep “unclothed.” – Men’s Fitness IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: On the top ten list of Things You Can Do To …

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Impossible Questions for August 2017

The world’s largest refrigerator is 27 km long (on the border between France and Switzerland), part of a Large Hadron Collider.#FridgeFact — Work Fridge (@WorkFridge101) August 24, 2017 IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: The world’s largest one of these is 27 km long (on the border between France and Switzerland). ANSWER: Refrigerator [source]. The 9,300 magnets inside the …

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Impossible Questions for June 2017

IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you had just 138 of these, you would have more than anyone else. ANSWER: Traffic cones [source]. David Morgan holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of different traffic cones (137 different cones). IMPOSSIBLE QUESTION: If you did this 32 times in one minute you would hold the World Record. …

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