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Your turkey dinner might contain high levels of pesticides

FreeRange2Not to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner, but, two years ago The Suzuki Foundation released a report saying that the average Thanksgiving dinner was chalk full of pesticides. Mike’s top five signs your turkey dinner might contain high levels of pesticides.

#5. Fewer flies than usual hovering over the center piece.

#4. Fewer flies than usual hovering over passed-out dinner guests.

#3. David Suzuki and a guy with a clipboard sitting at the far end of the table all evening – giggling.

#2. That after-dinner bloated feeling replaced by an urge to sting whomever just passed you the broccoli.

#1. You find yourself reminiscing about the “good old days” when turkey dinners just contained high levels of melamine.

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Things I like about Fall

That was a beautiful weekend! So sunny and warm and everything is still so green, it makes you think Fall will never come. “No offense Fall. We still do like you, just not that way – yet.” Mike’s top five things I like about fall.

#5. Two words: bugs gone (or going).

#4. You can start keeping the beer in the garage again. The garage doubles as the world’s largest beer fridge.

#3. Back to long pants. Shorts and bare legs are not my strong suit.

#2. Dark when I get up at 4am, dark when I go to bed at 4pm. This makes napping so much easier. Slightly confusing, but easier.

#1. At least two full on turkey dinners and a few pies, guaranteed, over the next four months!

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Had enough to eat

monty-pythonThey say, the average Canadian Thanksgiving dinner will be over 2,000 calories — more than the average adult should have in an entire day. Top Five Ways to tell when you’ve had enough to eat.
#5. Can’t see your feet?
#4. Can’t see your arms!? (Eating by feel..)
#3. You really aren’t sure — if it was you or the dog..
#2. That pain in your fork hand, from Carpul Turkey Syndrome!
#1. You’re no longer eating to satisfy hunger or taste — you’re simply trying to maintain a stable ballast so you don’t capsize.

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