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Top five signs American Idol is over

LOS ANGELES — The guitar slinging crooner Phillip Phillips came out on top Wednesday night to take the American Idol crown. The 21-year-old singer from Leesburg, Ga. was selected over 16-year-old Jessica Sanchez. He received a standing ovation from Idol judges after his Tuesday’s song finale “Home.” Phillips is Idol’s 11th season winner, making it …

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Rules for Turn Off The TV week

Here are the rules for Turn Off The TV Week (aka: Screen-Free Week, next week) Turn off the TV and don’t watch it. Do not watch TV on the computer. Do not watch TV on your phone. Exceptions.. Important hockey games. Unimportant hockey games. Other shows and programs that you really like.

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Is that guy on TV a real expert?

CBC has the TV show The Trouble with Experts on tonight. It’s a new documentary on the talking heads and experts we see on TV all the time. Mike’s top five signs that guy on TV isn’t a real expert. #5. His top five list only has four items. #4. He’s says if you order …

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