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Is that guy on TV a real expert?

CBC has the TV show The Trouble with Experts on tonight. It’s a new documentary on the talking heads and experts we see on TV all the time. Mike’s top five signs that guy on TV isn’t a real expert. #5. His top five list only has four items. #4. He’s says if you order …

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Inventions that have failed in the past

The Dragons’ Den is holding an open audition in Prince George on March 11th. All inventors and inovators are welcome to show their offerings. When it comes to inventions and inovations; they’re not all good. There have been quite a few failures in the past. So we don’t repeat our mistakes, here are Mike’s top …

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There are too many award shows

Last night the People’s Choice Awards kicked off the award show season. There are a ton of awards shows coming up over the next few weeks. Mike’s top five signs there are too many award shows. #5. When Borat becomes an acceptable choice as presenter for the Actor of The Decade. #4. When Ashton Kutcher …

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