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Tons of snow AND it's still snowing #princegeorge

20cm of snow on the ground this morning and it’s still snowing AND it’s going to get really windy later today. Nice! Top five things you might be thinking this morning.

#5. “Accu this! Snowpocalypse!” or “Accu your face! Snowpocalypse!”

#4. I sure hope it doesn’t get really windy on top of this.

#3. I hope that guy in front of me knows where he’s going, cause all I see is taillights.

#2. Com Scan has detected an energy field producing large amounts of snow in an area of the sixth planet of the Hoth System.

#1. Where’s Fluffy? Did someone let Fluffy outside?

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Top five ways to tell it got a little chilly last night in #PrinceGeorge

It got a little chilly last night. Mike’s top five ways to tell it got a little chilly last night!
#5. A caroler going door to door, hit the high note in Good King Wenceslas and shattered.
#4. Even though you killed it, your Christmas tree was at least grateful to be inside.
#3. When you get off the bus this morning, you tell the driver “keep it running, I’ll be back in 8 hours.”
#2. At dinner, you decided not to go with metal knives and forks.
#1. Your dog plans to ‘Kegel’ until May.

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Mike's top five signs it's pretty darn cold.

It was minus 28 this morning when I got up and I was thinking, man it’s pretty darn cold out there for November. Mike’s top five signs it’s pretty darn cold.

#5. The last four people who have said “cold enough for ya?”, are “missing”.

#4. You saw a politician with his hands in his own pocket.

#3. The chairman of the board of Terasen gas has called twice to thank you for your support.

#2. The furnace shut off just for a moment last night and you were thinking “hey, what’s that sound?”.

#1. At dinner, you’re no longer using metal knives, forks and spoons.

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The Amphibex Excavator

PHOTO: CKPG.COM (Dec 2016) – SOURCE: ckpg.com/2016/12/16/emergency-operations-centre-activated/

This Top 5 list originally aired on January 22, 2008.

The Amphibex Excavator has been busy working around the clock, breaking up the ice. That name can be a bit of a tongue twister; Amphibex Excavator. Some people just call it the AE. Top five other names for the Amphibex Excavator.
#5. The Normrock Industries Amphibious Dredge (The NAID).
#4. The Ice Breaker Thingee (IBT).
#3. Large Barge (LB)!
#2. Big Yellow Floater Whacker (BYF-W).
#1. A 22 tonne, $300,000 re-election expense.

This Top 5 list originally aired on January 23, 2008.

Top five other ways of dealing with the ice on the Nechako.
#5. A really big Zamboni.
#4. I’m not sure – but – what if all the fish in the Nechako were to fart simultaneously.
#3. Charge $15 a seat, to watch it melt.
#2. Ask anyone who’s ever made an outdoor rink, pouring warm water on the ice will make it go away. Right?! No!
#1. The first annual Nechako ice fishing derby. 75,000 hole maximum, bring your own auger.

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Halfway point of winter

Almost the halfway point of winter. The top five signs winter is half done in PG:
#5. Just about everyone but you has either just come back from or is just about to go – south.
#4. You’re already starting to buy into that “this is a building year – we’ll have a great team next year” talk.
#3. The chairman of the board of Terasen gas has called twice to thank you for your support.
#2. Your drive way has two tracks, eleven inches high – from top to bottom.
#1. I can now draw a complete map of the Nechako ice jam by connecting the dots — the rock chips on my windshield

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Snowy weekend in PG

Top five things about a snowy weekend in Prince George
#5. You didn’t have to rake leaves.
#4. After setting the clocks back, you got an extra hour of shoveling in.
#3. At Canadian Tire, the line up for winter tires only slightly longer than the line up for snow shovels.
#2. You saw two penguins hitch hiking south (too much snow). And it’s really hard for penguins to hitch hike (no thumbs).
#1. However much snow you got; at least you know they have twice as much in the Hart

That was a real winter weekend we just had. Snow, blowing snow and very cold. Top five things it looked like when you went outside this weekend.
#5. The Polar Express.
#4. The before picture in a Head & Shoulders commercial.
#3. The living room carpet, after Whitney Houston sneezes.
#2. Mike Benny’s May legs.
#1. Prince George in December! What are you? New!?

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Signs we're in for a doozy of a winter

These are the Top Five signs we’re in for a real doozy of a winter this year.
#5. The guys on the weather channel now refer to us as “those poor buggers”.
#4. Only guys with really, really hairy legs will be wearing kilts.
#3. Your dog is practicing his Kegel exercises. He plans on holding it til next May.
#2. The mayor has planned even more overseas trips (errr trade missions) than usual this winter.
#1. Canada geese flying south are taking all of their stuff with them.

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Getting ready for a Prince George winter

Top five ways you can tell you’re getting ready for a Prince George winter.
#5. You suddenly wake at 5am and feel the urge to drive someone to the Kin Centres.
#4. You started stashing away nuts and berries.
#3. Instead of an apple and bottled water in your brief case – a bag of fishermen friends and a strechy bandage.
#2. You’ve already put aside $500 for December’s natural gas bill – and you’re saving up a grand for January.
#1. If someone yells “Go”, you automatically say “Cougars!”

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Chilly winter coming

This winter could be chilly. This might be a good time to consider other ways to keep your heating costs down this winter. Like..
#5. Getting all those Spruce Capital Rocks sweaters out of the closet.
#4. Try switching to a lined-thong.
#3. Replace the usually window Insulator kits with nine inch Styrofoam sheeting!
#2. The back of the TV doubles as hand warmer and clothes dryer!
#1. Eat twice as much as you normally do. Blubber has four times the R value of fiberglass insulation!

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