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What you do when you're not doing what you should be doing

Survey says! Workers in Canada waste 19.2 weeks a year wasting time at work.

Here are the the most popular at-work activities (time wasters):

  • Hanging around the coffee area
  • “Going for coffee”
  • Smoking
  • Hiding in the rest room
  • Gossiping
  • Complaining about the boss
  • Making personal calls
  • Daydreaming
  • Flirting
  • Surfing the web

So I guess “conscientiously paying attention to every detail of our jobs, as to not hamper in anyway the company’s ability to generate revenue” is not a really popular at-work activity?

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Top five signs it's summer at work

It’s a short week thanks to having Monday off. It’s already Wednesday and I love short weeks in the summer because so many people are on holidays and everywhere you go it’s TEMPS, part-timers & newbies… Mike’s top five signs it’s summer at work.
#5. Same DJ appears to be on anytime you turn on the radio.
#4. Usual polite smiles replaced by a lost-stares .
#3. The guy who delivers the paper out ranks everyone.
#2. Instead of the coffee cart, it’s the Pina Colotta cart at the staff meeting.
#1. All calls to anyone above supervisor are forwarded to the PG Golf and Curking Club.

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Top five ways for bosses to show appreciation for employees

The first Friday of March is always considered Employee Appreciation Day. Mike’s top five ways for bosses to show appreciation for employees.

#5. Keep your depreciative comments and constant belittling down to once or twice an hour.

#4. Quit it with the Cape Canaveral countdown at 4:59:50 everyday.

#3. At today’s staff meeting make an effort to get one or two names right.

#2. Stop muttering the spell ‘exspellus terminus employee-us’ every time you walk past an employee.

#1. Try the 40 pack of Timbits once in a while (the 20 pack just screams ‘cheapo’).

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Suggested ways to increase physical activity at your workplace

June 1st to June 30th is Prince George’s City Wide Health and Wellness Workplace Challenge – the goal is to increase physical activity within our workplaces by 20%. Top five suggested ways to increase physical activity at work.
#5. Quit servicing the elevators.
#4. Play ‘drop and give me my age’. If you don’t correctly guess a co-workers age, you have to do that many push-ups before you can get your coffee break.
#3. Try texting with your other thumb once in a while. For increased aerobic benefit, try resistance-texting with a rubber band.
#2. Everybody on pogo sticks at the next staff meeting.
#1. Two words: Lunchroom dodgeball!

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Does your boss know what you're doing on-line?

77% of employers say they check out Facebook before hiring someone and to check-up on current employees. 56% of bosses surveyed think they do have the right to know how employees portray themselves and their companies on sites like Facebook and Twitter and are taking steps to monitor employees online activities at work. Mike’s top five signs your boss knows what you’re doing on-line at work.
#5. Mistakenly refers to you as “sweetandsexy003” at the next staff meeting.
#4. That junk mail you’re getting for “Make more money by working from home” seems to be coming from your bosses email address.
#3. That video of that looser stealing paper clips from work on YouTube, looks just like the security camera shots at your workplace.
#2. Your latest facebook friend is weirdly all BFF, strangely seems to know way too much about you and keeps asking what you and everyone else thinks of your boss at work.
#1. Keeps looking at you with that “why does this person think they can surf the net all day and still take home a paycheck” look!

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Draw backs of working from home

This is Telecommuter Appreciation Week – when we’re suppose to show our appreciation for people who work from home. Top five draw backs of working from home.
#5. Three and four years old.
#4. There always a load of laundry upstairs.
#3. When the kids answer the office phone and then scream “Mom!!” into the mouth piece.
#2. Your personal secretary is 3 years old and still not 100% toilet trained (you’re in the middle of a conference call and you hear “done….).
#1. There’s no Tim’s on the way to work!

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