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Top five signs it's summer at work

It’s a short week thanks to having Monday off. It’s already Wednesday and I love short weeks in the summer because so many people are on holidays and everywhere you go it’s TEMPS, part-timers & newbies… Mike’s top five signs it’s summer at work. #5. Same DJ appears to be on anytime you turn on …

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Does your boss know what you're doing on-line?

77% of employers say they check out Facebook before hiring someone and to check-up on current employees. 56% of bosses surveyed think they do have the right to know how employees portray themselves and their companies on sites like Facebook and Twitter and are taking steps to monitor employees online activities at work. Mike’s top …

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Draw backs of working from home

This is Telecommuter Appreciation Week – when we’re suppose to show our appreciation for people who work from home. Top five draw backs of working from home. #5. Three and four years old. #4. There always a load of laundry upstairs. #3. When the kids answer the office phone and then scream “Mom!!” into the …

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