The Amphibex Excavator


This Top 5 list originally aired on January 22, 2008.

The Amphibex Excavator has been busy working around the clock, breaking up the ice. That name can be a bit of a tongue twister; Amphibex Excavator. Some people just call it the AE. Top five other names for the Amphibex Excavator.
#5. The Normrock Industries Amphibious Dredge (The NAID).
#4. The Ice Breaker Thingee (IBT).
#3. Large Barge (LB)!
#2. Big Yellow Floater Whacker (BYF-W).
#1. A 22 tonne, $300,000 re-election expense.

This Top 5 list originally aired on January 23, 2008.

Top five other ways of dealing with the ice on the Nechako.
#5. A really big Zamboni.
#4. I’m not sure – but – what if all the fish in the Nechako were to fart simultaneously.
#3. Charge $15 a seat, to watch it melt.
#2. Ask anyone who’s ever made an outdoor rink, pouring warm water on the ice will make it go away. Right?! No!
#1. The first annual Nechako ice fishing derby. 75,000 hole maximum, bring your own auger.

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