The Exploding Ant

Exploding Ant
The Colobopsis explodens raises its posterior in a defensive position. (Alexey Kopchinskiy)

Have you heard about the exploding ant?!

This ant is so bad@ss, that when it’s threatened it will raise up it’s rear-end as a warning – THEN –┬áif the warning is ignored, “the ant then chomps down on itself, flexing so hard that its abdomen bursts with yellow, sticky, toxic goo” .

  • Scientists have actually identify 15 new species that “explode with sticky goo” when threatened.
  • The actual composition of the “goo” is still under investigation.
  • They call this autothysis: “…where an animal destroys itself via an internal rupturing or explosion of an organ…” – Wikipedia

Read more about the exploding ants in this article from Nicole Mortillaro at CBC.CA.

Thanks to fellow anter Char Normandeau for forwarding this article to us via Twitter! Thnx @charnormandeau

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