The NDP have perfected time travel!

The national leader of the NDP is stopping in Prince George. Jack Layton will be here to make an announcement at 9am and then he hits the road. He’s scheduled to be in Cranbrook by the early afternoon.

Boy, PG at 9am and Cranbrook by early afternoon? That just doesn’t seem possible.

I mean it’s possible for a guy like Michael Ignatieff, who just calls up his brother in-law in Sweden who’s in charge of the Lithuanian Air Force (and is thinking of running for the Prime Ministers job in Luxembourg) to stop by the PG airport in a F16 and “off ya go”.

It would also be totally possible for Prime Minister Steve to make the trip. He would just call in one of those billionaire rich guys he has in his back pocket and they could scoot over and jet him off to Cranbrook on a moments notice.

But, Jack Layton?

We’re talkin’ Air Canada here. If he leaves on the 10:15 this morning, he’s not in Cranbrook til 6:30 tonight and if he’s driving to Cranbrook, he better keep that 9am announcement really short and hope for a strong tail wind.

[Dramatic pause] Unless the NDP have perfected time travel with some sort of New Democratic Wormhole device. Yes! There is no other explanation. The NDP have perfected time travel!

Oh, and if you wouldn’t mind Mr. Layton – seeing as your going to be in your wormhole device, ripping through the time-space continuum anyway, we’ll have one medium single/single and a large black please – about an hour ago, please.

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