The penny is on the way out

The penny
The Canadian Penny

The Feds have decided to get rid of the penny.

Included in yesterday’s federal budget: 67 instead of 65 for OAS. Deficit gone by 2015. 19,000 federal jobs and the penny – gone.

The feds say they can save a ton of money by not making the penny anymore (ironic?).

Top five ways to tell the penny is on the way out.

#5. Nickels are nervous now.

#4. All the 1.99 stuff being rounded up to six bucks!

#3. People start offering you a dime for your next ten thoughts.

#2. More accordion playing monkeys and mid-day radio DJ’s looking for second jobs.

#1. Saw a nickel, picked it up – nothing.

And now it looks like the Americans want to follow suit…

Canadian Penny Killed: U.S. Opponents Of 1-Cent Coin Point To Canada As ‘Trail-Blazer’.

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