The three wisehogs are getting ready for #GroundhogDay

Hamburger Helper
Three Cheese Hamburger Helper

Here are some facts about the Groundhog..

  • the groundhog lives in Canada as well as the eastern and midwestern U.S.
  • it also goes by the name woodchuck
  • it’s a member of the squirrel family
  • Willie has not always been Willie (In 1956 they started with Grundoon followed by Muldoon, Dandune and then Willie.)
  • they average two feet long and about ten pounds (that’s three boxes of Hamburger Helper)

Popular Groundhog day activities include..

  • go around the office all day making crude jokes about seeing ‘Willy’s shadow.’
  • go around telling everyone that Wiarton Willy really did not see his shadow again – because he’s been dead for 17 years (true)!
  • get up in the morning, put on your Wookie costume, run around the backyard screaming “me shadow, me shadow, I can’ts finds me shadow”.
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