There is way too much paperwork coming home from school!

There is way too much paperwork coming home form school these days. Permission forms, contact forms, hot lunch slips, “Tell us about your child” forms, “Can you be the driver?” forms… etc. Mike’s top five signs there’s too much paperwork for parents.

#5. Your criminal records check got mixed up with your hot lunch request form and a policeman just showed up at your door with a dog, a pop and a bag of chips.

#4. The kids are telling YOU, you can’t watch TV till all your paperwork is done.

#3. You’ve totally memorized everyone’s birth certificate and care card numbers. However you couldn’t remember the phone number to the radio station when you heard that Madonna Mega Weekend song yesterday morning.

#2. On the “tell us about your child” form you put, “2006 Dodge Caravan, capable of taking as many as six children, two boosters”.

#1. You just realized you can’t spell, you can’t make an “S” anymore in hand writing and there is no way you’re ever putting anything on the line for Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader.


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