Things to remember at the DJ #ChristmasParty

Our office Christmas party is tonight (at a secret location). This will be your (Ashley’s) first River DJ Christmas party, so here are the top five things to remember about a River DJ Christmas party.
#5. If you’re the last DJ out of the building and you notice a guy changing the door locks, please let us know when you get to the party.
#4. No matter how comfortable and relaxed you get, never refer to your supervisor by his level of follicle-ness.
#3. It will be a little bit like your last DJ Christmas party, when you worked at the country radio station. No mechanical bull or hub cap toss but there may be line dancin’ and pig callin’ (Soooo Weeeee!)
#2. No matter what you ask our Santa Claus for, his answer is always “Ya, I’ll try and get that on for you as soon as I can. Thank you for calling.”
#1. Make sure you have all the records back to the radio station by 6 o’clock tomorrow morning or Vanessa will be singing her whole show (again).

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