This daycare sounds like a good one

Uncle Homer’s daycare center – from The Simpsons wiki

A lot of people are talking about daycare lately and it got me thinking about some creative names for daycare centres. I’ve seen…

  • Ankle Bitters Home Daycare
  • Pooh’s Corner
  • Twiddle Bugs Learning Center
  • Uncle Homer’s Daycare (from The Simpsons)
  • Little Stinkers Day Care

Here are some of my ideas. If you’re looking for a creative name for your daycare – Mike’s top five creative daycare names.

#5. The Jolie Pitt’s. Lots of kids around. You could probably even leave them there for a few days and they’d never notice.

#4. Rash, Stash & Dash. You could add Mash for an extra 1.50/day.

#3. Education Minister George Abbott’s house. Granted it’s a long name but I like the acronym EMGAH (eem gaw)!

#2. Mini Me’s House of Wii. You know… little guys all sittin around playing Wii bowling. No? Okay.

#1. School.

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