Tips for the new Cougar Coach

The Cougars kick of a new season tonight with a new coach behind the bench, so I thought I would share some of my expertise (expertise gather after years behind the bench as the stick-boy for the Thompson Hawks on the MJHL. These are some coaching strategies that have worked for me in the past and they might work for Dean Clark. Mike’s top five tips for the new coach of the Prince George Cougars.
#5. Try not to watch any Leafs hockey on game days.
#4. You just can’t beat a big box of Timbits behind the bench.
#3. To help loosen up the players – do a pre-game interpretive dance to The Blackeyed Peas ‘I Got A Feeling’ before every home game.
#2. Don’t sit too close to the play-by-play guy on the bus. On-ray, Clair-stay, Ores-snay. Enough said.
#1. Score on the road – take the bus home, don’t score – walk home.

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