Top five best tank movies

Taking a break from World of Tanks and looking for a great tank movie? Here are the top five best tank movies of all time.

#1. Fury (2014 – Brad Pitt, Shia LaBeouf)
Tanks featured: M4A3E8 Sherman, Tiger

#2. White Tiger (2014)
Tanks featured: T-34-85, Tiger

#3. Sahara (1943 – Humphrey Bogart)
Tanks featured: M3 Lee

There was also a 1995 version with Jim Belushi.

#4. The Beast of War (1988)
Tanks featured: Soviet T-55

#5. The Battle of The Bulge (1965)
Tanks featured: Ridiculously, historically inaccurate tanks of all description. “American M47 Pattons represented German King Tiger tanks and M4 Shermans were represented by M24 Chaffees…

Honorable mention: Kelly Heroes (1970)
Tanks featured: Sherman (Yugoslav Army M4A3E4 [post-war US upgraded to 76mm in original 75mm turret] –IMDB) and Tigers (The three Tiger I tanks used were actually ex-Soviet Army T-34 tanks, converted in great detail by specialists of the Yugoslav army. –IMDB).

Honorable mention: T-34 (2018)
Tanks featured: T-34-85 and German Panzers and Panthers

Did I miss any? Comment below…

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  1. Akshay Chugh says:

    Such a wonderful list. I haven’t watched Kelly’s heroes. Will definitely check it.

    Thanks for sharing this list (:

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