Top Five Christmas Shopping Tips

Shopping bagThe Christmas shopping season officially kicks off on Black Friday this coming Friday. To help out, here are Mike’s top five Christmas shopping tips…

#5. Don’t rush, Target is open til midnight on the 24th.

#4. If you’re not sure about sizes… get something that doesn’t come in different sizes, like snuggies and oven mitts.

#3. When buying electronics, forget the warranty. If something goes wrong with it you can sell it on eBay.

#2. Don’t worry about keeping receipts, I’m sure everything will be perfect.

#1. Gifts cards – easy to wrap.

Okay, here are some real Christmas shopping tips from Canadian Living Magazine.

Here are 6 expert tips for getting your holiday shopping done stress-free!
By Nicola Enright-Morin

1. Navigate the Net
The best thing about Internet shopping is there’s no traffic, fights for parking, grumpy sales assistants or other shoppers.

2. It’s all about the list
Before you wage war at the mall, it’s imperative to have a detailed shopping list. Prepare contingency gifts just in case.

3. Miss the mall mayhem
You’ll be amazed how much more shopping gets done when you’re the early bird — no lengthy lineups and store clerks fresh and eager to help.

4. Go solo
If you’re honestly going to get all your Christmas shopping accomplished in a day, it’s a quest you’ll have to brave alone. Kids can make the shortest shopping trip an epic journey, and going with a friend often means too much time spent in stores you don’t need.

5. Always be prepared
How often do you receive an unexpected gift from a neighbour, family member, or thoughtful colleague at work? To avoid a last-minute scramble, keep a stash.

6. Finally, remember that it’s only shopping! Take a deep breath, try to enjoy the experience and be thankful that Christmas only comes once a year.

Here’s the whole article…

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