Top five crappy gifts for your Valentine

I’m starting to pick up on some subtle marketing persuasion on some radio commercials that have been running this week (and I could be wrong, but). I’m starting to lean towards to notion that buying a crappy thoughtless gift for your sweetheart on Valentines day might turn out to be a bad idea. To help you identify one of those bad gifts, Mike’s top five crappy gifts for your Valentine.
#5. A pen.
#4. Anything that “looked really hot on the clerk at the store”.
#3. A good sturdy shovel.
#2. For an extra $20, you get the not only the flowers, but the Flower Clown agrees to come over to join you for a romantic dinner.
#1. Valentine’s day?! Oops, I thought it was pantomime’s day. Here I am got you some tights and a big hat!

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