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Top five safe yet tricky Halloween “tricks”

It’s almost time for “trick or treating” and if you’re thinking about “tricking” Friday night here are Mike’s top five safe yet tricky Halloween “tricks”.

Trick foods from Foodnetwork.com
Trick foods from Foodnetwork.com

#5. Knock on the door then hide to the side of the door and pretend no one is there.

#4. Hide colorful eggs all over someone’s yard.

#3. Evoke ancient chants and solve puzzles that open portals to Hell.  Wait. Maybe not.

#2. Walk through the Haunted House going “not scary, not scary, not scary…”

#1. Dress as Dumbledore but tell everyone you’re Gandalf.

Check out how to make those chopped-up fingers and other trick foods at Foodnetwork.com

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