Top five shortest lists of 2012

189863_10151275962442162_339080994_nEveryone is out with their best and worst of 2012 lists. I saw a top 100 toys list, top 200 movies of 2012 list (282 movies are eligible for an Oscar this year), top 500 best tv moments of 2012. Top 500? That is a lonnnngggg list. Those are all long lists….

Here’s a look at some of the shortest lists of 2012…

Top five shortest lists of 2012…

#5. Good things about Gary Bettman.
#4. Christmas treats that Mike & Ashley won’t eat.
#3. People who do Gangnam Style really well at company Christmas parties.
#2. List of DJ’s who don’t live on coffee.
#1. Hottest Hobbits of 2012 swimsuit edition.

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