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Top five signs a meteorite might be heading for us

Wow… 10 ton meteor explodes over Russia, injures more than 750. CBC News story.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pXT_B4kx6YA?rel=0]

In other news: Another meteor is heading our way today. NASA is saying there is no chance at all that it will hit the earth. They admit they didn’t even see this last one coming, but they’re 100% positive this next one won’t hit us. However they are recommending that around 11:30 this morning… everyone on Earth lean to the left.

Could one be heading for us? Mike’s top five signs a meteorite might be heading for Prince George.

#5. There are already large holes all over our roads.

#4. I’m pretty sure I saw Gru with his shrink ray in the mall parking lot.

#3. Mysterious activity out at the PG Observatory (lots of nervous pacing by Jeff Goldblum).

#2. NASA officials were seen unpacking a giant trampoline near Hixon.

#1. Google Earth has replaced aerial photos of Prince George with a giant arrow and radiating yellow circles.



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