Top five signs it's spring in Prince George

The PG Shih Tzu
The PG Shih Tzu

Spring is here! You can tell because it snows in the morning, melts in the afternoon and it stays bright outside til after six now! Mike’s top five other signs it’s spring in Prince George!

#6. 3cm of snow on the ground this morning. :/

Mike’s top five signs it’s spring in Prince George!

#5. Pothole dodging has transformed 5th Ave into BC’s longest automobile slalom course (a demonstration sport at the Canada Winter Games in 2015?).

#4. Six months of Shih Tzu nuggets in the backyard, even more overpowering than that smell coming from the mill.

#3. Hockey is done. Just waiting for spring hockey to start before hockey school gets underway.

#2. You go to Canadian Tire looking for a snow blower and all you see is patio furniture and lawn mowers.

#1. Probably only three or four major snow storms left before June!

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