Top five things about Blackberry's new Blackberry 10

Summer fruit salad ingredients, blackberry and raspberryBlackberry’s new Blackberry 10 was unveiled yesterday. Top five things about that…

#5. Blackberry 10 is not itself a phone, it’s a proprietary OS that runs on their phones. Much like Ashley 7 herself is not a morning show, but rather an essential irreplaceable component of a morning show.

#4. The company that makes the Blackberry changed it’s name to Blackberry. Mainly because of all the toilet jokes associated with a company called RIM.

#3. Its not in stores yet. So you can’t actually hold one. Its kind of like the Manti T’eo of phones.

#2. They showed off two new phones called Z10 and Q10. Little known fact: Their working names were “Luongo” and “Schneider”.

#2a. It’s sooooo much better than the 9. 😉

#1. The new Blackberry will have its own $3.8 million dollar commercial for the Super Bowl. Well, that’s the plan, first the need to sell a little over 192,000 of them by Sunday morning.

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