Top five things they're really doing with Mr PG

I heard that Mr. PG should be back up and in his new spot by the end of the month. Apparently he’s getting a bit of a makeover. Top five things they’re really doing with Mr PG.

#5. They’re taking him up in a balloon 24 miles then dropping him – – to see if he can break that 833 mph record free fall.

#4. Secretly installing ICBC’s largest red-light intersection camera in his head.

#3. Trying to find a giant “Sanitized for your protection” strip to fit across his head.

#2. Packing him up in smaller pieces so they can take him as carry-on luggage when they go to China.

#1. They’re really hoping he wins The River’s Diva Den contest, otherwise it’s just sandpaper and paint for the old boy.

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