Top five ways to add some spice to this year's Civic Election! #princegeorge

Top five ways to add some spice to this year’s Civic Election!

#5. All the candidates have to listen to the morning show for four weeks for their cue to call. When they hear the cue to call, they have to be caller 11 to qualify for a reverse draw to see who gets into the final grand prize showdown to be a new city councilor or – the grand grand prize draw to see who gets to be the Mayor!

#4. Change all the L’s to R’s on all the signs.

#3. Two words: Dodge Ball.

#2. Instead of voting, voters get to whack the giant “Election 2011 Pinata” until a few city councilors and a mayor fall out.

#1. Rename the election campaign: From “The 2011 Civic Election” to “Know Your Limit Play Within It”!

Alternate #1. Have the election hosted by a mean morning show guy, who doesn’t care about the issues and just wants to know who’s wearing a thong and who isn’t!

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