Top five ways to celebrate Earth Week and Earth Day

Be nice to me, I'm not...

This is Earth Week leading up to Earth Day on Sunday. Try and remember to get Earth something nice this year.

If you are looking for a new and special way to celebrate Earth Day, here are some suggestions…

#5. Try to win at least one game, so we don’t have to waste all that energy watching a full seven game series.

#4. Throw a big party for Earth, but only invite the nice planets. No border-line faux-planets like Pluto.

#3. Calculate your Carbon Footprint and then make it you Facebook status for the day! (Example: Mike Benny is 19.9 metric tons)

#2. On your way to work, only pass other vehicles when driving down hill or when you have a tail wind.

#1. Use less energy by avoiding unnecessary switching of radio channels.

Happy Earth Day. I hope we win Planet of The Year again this year!

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