Top five ways to peacefully end the current labour dispute

It’s been 18 yrs since BC Teachers have had a negotiated contract (under Mike Harcourt). They have only had one negotiated deal in the last 30yrs. Now, it sounds like this round will likely end in back to work legislation. Mike’s top five ways to peacefully end the current labour dispute.

#5. Wait another 18 to 30 years for the next negotiated deal.

#4. Re-elect Harcourt!? I don’t really like this one, but I need five on my list (it’s called Mike’s top five…) I would gladly welcome any other suggestions here. The top five list doesn’t air til tomorrow morning at 7:10am.

#3. How about Bill 23, ordering the government back to work?

#2. Quick end to the dispute: The education minister and the president of the BCTF both get a cell phone and the first one to text Ashley the correct age of anyone from our Famous Birthday list gets to have their way.

#1. It’s weird, crazy and strange, but — good faith bargaining based on mutual respect?

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