US Government Shutdown – Could it happen in Canada?

U.S. Capitol BuildingShort and simple…

1. How did this happen? Congress and the Senate couldn’t agree on a spending bill, so the government doesn’t have the authority to spend money.

2. What happens next? Unless they have been declared “essential,” about a million federal employees will stop working today.

3. How long will this shutdown last? Don’t know, the last one in 1995 lasted 21 days.

4. Could it happen here? No.

The way things are set up here this would never happen. If the government couldn’t pass it’s budget and lost the confidence of the house, all Canadian workers would be issued Tim Hortons gift cards (or the Governor General would dissolve the House, call an election and issue a special warrant to cover federal spending).

and what if it did happen here….

By: Mike Benny

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