#Valentine's Day gift ideas (cheap)!


If you don’t have a lot money to spend on your sweetheart this year, you might be looking for some cheap Valentine’s Day gift ideas — so we asked our Facebook friends for some advice…

  • Make a card
  • Don’t buy anything. It’s really cheap that way. 🙂 lol
  • Lap dance 😉
  • Home made dinner, book of homemade coupons for foot rubs and kitty litter cleanings
  • Buy yourself a present. You got to love yourself too.
  • Giving her money to buy her own gift..
  • No roses…. Buy other flowers… Roses have a crazy markup on v day
  • My hubby loves chocolate, so I’m making him a chocolate cupcake bouquet! Google it, their pretty cool!
  • An IOU for flowers on the 15th when all the left overs are marked down..?
  • Just be single and stay single! men are all liars n scam artists anyhow 😉

Here are five more…
#5. A nicely framed list of all the things your mother said you should look for in a mate.
#4. Spell out her name with Kit Kats and red suckers from last year’s Halloween stash.
#3. Spell out her name in the snow.
#2. Remember, there’s no better way to show respect and admiration for someone than good sturdy handshake (be sure to wash your hands first if you also did number three).
#1. Remember nothin’ says lovin’ like a heart shaped meatloaf in the oven (and that’s not a euphemism for something, I mean an actual meatloaf in the oven)!

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