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Ways to increase voter turn out

Mike’s top five ways to increase voter turn out.

#5. Make them cheaper – 300 million to end up exactly where we were the day before, seems slightly ridiculous. Why not, the next federal election is 25% off!

#4. How about an election mascot? Election Ernie?! He could walk around handing out voters to suckers… I mean promises to suckers.

#3. It would be nice if they let you keep the little pencil after you vote.

#2. Why not jazz up the polling booths a bit? Instead of a card board folding wall, we could have a magical “cone of voting” lowered from the ceiling.

#1. How about everyone gets a cookie and some juice? It works at the blood donor clinic!

#1a. Instead of voting, voters get to wack the giant “Election 2015 Piniata” until a Prime Minister falls out.

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