What is the recipe for Farkay Chow Mein?

For all of those who have Google’d this question: What is the recipe for Farkay Chow Mein?

Farkay Chow Mein Noodles
Farkay Chow Mein Noodles

So, here it is… (please share with others)

Recipe for Farkay Noodles Chow Mein
Recipe for Farkay Noodles Chow Mein

You’re welcome! 🙂

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  1. Betty Vanderhoek says:

    Looking for another recipe they used to have on the back of their bag. It was marinating the meat in soya sauce and sugar adding consume celery green peppers. I just can’t remember the measurents. Hoping some one out there knows.

    • Thomas says:

      Try this;

      (1) Marinate meat (shrimp ) with pepper, 1 x tbl / 15 ml soy sauce, sugar and wine (or 1 x tbsp/15ml water) for 10-30 min. In a separate bowl, prepare sauce using water, 1 x tbl /15ml oyster sauce and 1 x tbl/15ml soy sauce.

      (2) Pour cooking oil into a hot wok; add ginger and garlic, onions and meat (shrimp) stir frying about 3 min.

      (3) Add vegetables, salt, consomme and Farkay noodles. Stir fry and cover, cooking with high heat for 3 min. Pour sauce in and bring to a boil and mix.


        • Connie Naseth says:

          Hi, have been using these noodles for over 25 years but I have not been doing them quite like the package says. I find the Chow Mein a lot more tasty done with out boiling the noodles. I dislike soggy noodles. Try toasting the dry noodles on a cookie sheet under the broiler till toasted. Set oven shelf on bottom level and toast/ turn under broiler for 2-3 min. Do not let them burn. Do all the same as recipe (excluding boiling the noodles) mixing together. When complete, turn off wok and cover with tin foil to sweat to make noodles soften to your taste. 3 Tablespoons of broth or water can be added when sauces are adding in if a moister noodle is preferred.

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