Why isn't the May Two-Four on the 24th?

Short answer…


… because Victoria Day is celebrated on the last Monday before May 25th… and May 25th is a Sunday this year… so May 19th is “the last Monday before the 25th”.

So the long weekend is actually a week early (and nowhere near the 24th)!


… Victoria Day (in French: FĂȘte de la Reine) is a federal Canadian public holiday celebrated on the last Monday before May 25, in honour of Queen Victoria’s birthday. (wiki)

Why “Two-Four”?

… colloquially known as May Two-Four in parts of Canada; a double entendre that refers both to the date around which the holiday falls (May 24) and the Canadian slang for a case of twenty-four beers (a “two-four”). (wiki)

Fun Fact…

Canada is the only country that commemorates Queen Victoria with an official holiday.

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