Why no Canadian version of Dancing with the Stars

Last night CTV had Dancing with the Stars and I was wondering why they don’t do a Canadian version of that show. Mike’s top five reasons there’s no Canadian version of Dancing with the Stars.

#5. Two hours of dancing on TV? Really? No bodychecks? No fights? No yelling? No 10 minute misconducts? No thanks!

#4. No one wants to see Peter Mansbridge twirling.

#3. Only if one of the judges is allowed to yell “HARD! HURRY HARD!!”.

#2. All of the hardwood in Canada is being used right now – basketball season starts next week.

#1. Bad timing. Degrassi is shooting a new season, Celine is heading back to Vegas and Rita MacNeil is tied up with canning ’til at least late October.


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