You bought the wrong tax software

Tax season? Oh, it’s a “season” is it?

A friend of mine was telling me that he was having a lot of trouble with his new tax software. He’s thinking now — he did buy the cheapest software he could find and he’s pretty sure the company that made the software isn’t very reputable and maybe he should return it to the gas station where he bought it… The top five other ways to tell that you bought the wrong tax software…

#5. Before you can enter your tax information, you must navigate an intricate maze through a crocodile infested swamp with Scooby-Doo!

#4. If at any point it asks you to type in your exact weight and height.

#3. If pop-up adds for “the good tax software” keep popping up.

#2. If you have to email all of your tax information and a credit card number and it’s the same email address that you use to buy your email Viagra.

#1. If someone has written in “Dorothy The Accountant” on the box in crayon.

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