You might have the wrong guy helping you with your taxes

Taxes? We don't need no stinking taxes!

Experts are saying it is important to get help with your taxes if you feel you need it, but make sure you’re getting qualified people to help you.

Mike’s top five signs you might have the wrong guy helping you with your taxes.

#5. He’s charging you $2,000 / day, none of his advice is binding and you’re getting zero back from the Government.

#4. Instead of a Ponzi Scheme, he presents you with his idea for a Potsie Scheme.

#3. Keeps muttering “Expelerus taxisus” under his breath. Also wears an under-sized Harry potter costume all the time.

#2. He can only help you after the morning show is over at 10am, if you meet at the Dairy Queen.

#1. Keeps referring to your T4 as your Tissle-Four-issle.

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